1966          MSW Smith College School for Social Work, Northampton, MA

1964          AB Meredith College, Raleigh, NC

1976-79    Center for Creative Studies, Detroit, MI (studied Fine Arts)

1978          Awarded CCS Merit Scholarship  




Photolucida Critical Mass 2015 Rauschenberg Residency Award

    (Artist-in-Residence, Captiva Island, FL, March 6-April 14, 2017)

Prague Photo 2013 Annual Awards, “Falling Into Place”, 1st place Emotion

     category (Final Wall Gallery Exhibition, Teplice, Czech Republic)

Fotovisura 2010 Grant for Outstanding Personal Photography Project

     “Falling Into Place”, 3rd prize




“Grandma Techno Checks In” Photoville 2018, Brooklyn, NY

“Tea For Two” Blue Sky Gallery, Portland, OR,  2016

“Tea For Two” Davis Orton Gallery, Hudson, NY, 2016

“They Call Me Grandma Techno” Exposure Gallery, The Heidelberg Project,

     Detroit, MI, 2015

“Falling Into Place” Lianzchou International Foto Festival 2014, China

“Falling Into Place” Swords Into Plowshares Peace Center and Art Gallery,

     Detroit, MI, 2014

“Falling Into Place” Central Michigan University Library, 2014

“Falling Into Place” Fovea Exhibitions, Beacon, NY, 2013

“Falling Into Place” The Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester, MA, 2013

 “Active Elders” Ellen Kayrod Gallery, Detroit, MI, 2009




“The Elevated Selfie: Beyond the Bathroom Mirror” traveling exhibition 2016

     (curated by Laura Moya and Laura Valenti)

“HERoine” Elizabeth Houston Gallery, New York, NY, 2015

Instagram #mystory Initiative Exhibition, Ace Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, 2015

     (curated by Jessica Bennett)

“Beauty CULTure” The Annenberg Space for Photography, Los Angeles, CA

     (curated by Kohle Yohannan), 2011

“Artists Choice: Photographic Work by Michigan Artists” Detroit Center for

     Contemporary Photography, Detroit, MI (curated by Kyohei Abe), 2011




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“Falling Into Place” monograph (Winchester MA: The Griffin Museum

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Mentor, FACING CHANGE: Documenting Detroit Fellowship

     Detroit, MI, 2016-present

Teacher, Human Diversity and Social Justice classes ( two each semester

     2013-17),  Eastern Michigan University




Slideshow/Dialogue, FACING CHANGE/Documenting Detroit Evening

     of Photography and Conversation (Eugene Richards co-presenter),

     Detroit Masonic Temple, 2016

Guest Lecturer, “Falling Into Place”, Clarke Library Speaker Series –

     Michigan Author, Central Michigan University, 2014

“Falling Into Place” exhibition events, Swords Into Plowshares Peace

     Center and Art Gallery, Detroit, MI, August-September 2014

  1. “Disability From the Inside: Conversations with Disabled Metro


  1. Interactive discussion on disability for a Social Justice high school class
  2. Educational Forum for Michigan Association of Multicultural

        Rehabilitation Concerns vocational rehabilitation counselors

Keynote Speaker, Michigan Chapter of the National MS Society Annual

     Meeting and Recognition Event, Warren, MI, 2014